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A bitcoin oriented lifestyle tool. Improve your life and
make money in the process.

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Get to know the App


Betternot.rest is now a suite of applications, helping you improve your daily life quality.
All features are available without the need to add Bitcoin.


    A smart alarm clock that motivates you to wake up on time, rewarding you with Bitcoin.

    If you oversleep, a small amount of bitcoin preset by you will begin to leak into our Blockchain Smart contract and shared with those who managed to wake up on time. So, better not rest.


    Add an appointment to your calendar should be simple. Choose the subject, invite people, select a date and get notified.


    Motivating you to practice more exercises, rewarding you with Bitcoin.

    For example, if you commit to ride 10km by bicycle this week, setting 0,1BTC for your goal, and you succeed, a % of Bitcoin of other users who failed to achieve their goals will be given to you.


    An alarm for you to never forget that homework or exam anymore.

    You can add courses, select a deadline and get notifed.


    This alarm sets up intervals and the period in which you should must take your vitamins and supplements pills getting notified.

    features mobile better not rest
    Features Highlights

    The transition to what we believe the future will be. Securely encrypted transactions between user to user, a more connected mindset with family and health, all that inside a tool design to inspire you to be more productive with real money incentives.

    calendar better not restCalendar

    Our calendar will integrate with Google Calendar, iCloud, Office 365, Exchange, Outlook.com

    Voice-activated integration with Alexa, Cortana and HomePod coming soon).

    Our challenge

    Create something useful, for experienced users in cryptocurrency and for those who have never heard of it.

    • menu

      Build a suite of applications using Blockchain and still act as a bridge for new users.

    • bitcoin

      Easy and fast access to Bitcoin. This is how we break down walls and create bridges.

    • update

      Our users will be able to convert other alternative cryptocurrencies into Bitcoin.

    • bridge

      Buy Bitcoins through common payment methods like USD/EUR/JPY/CNY/GBP, and also by Apple Pay and Google Play.

    Combined science and technology.

    • sleepingAverage sleep time
    • plusDay with more sleep
    • sunriseAverage wake up time
    • subtractDay with less sleep
    • nightAverage time sleeping

    Earning on all sides

    Have you ever imagined being paid to use an app? That’s how Better not Rest works.

    Ads are annoying right?

    Now you’ll be paid to see it. You don’t need to pay for an App, the App must pay you;

    Users will receive 60% of the amount paid by sponsors to advertise their products or services in the App.

    A common problem solved in a simple and fair way.

    60%Cash back from Ads
    90%Cash back from goals
    Succeed and gain real money!
    Earn Bitcoin with Better not rest
    We pay you in BitCoins everytime you achive your goals.
    90% of all Bitcoin collected by users who failed to wake up or perform their physical activities are reverted to users who succeed.
    features mobile better not rest
    24h assisting you

    Find BNR Bot ready to assist you whenever you need.Fast and assertive commands to easily verify things like balance, workout status and set up new alarms.


    Syscoin.org is an open-source blockchain-based crypto-currency, managed by Blockchain Foundry Inc., a Canadian-based company. Syscoin’s smart contract implementation is unlike other Blockchain offerings.

    All contracts are thoroughly production hardened through multiple regression tests, quality assurance, real world implementation and peer reviewed by Blockchain professionals independent of the Syscoin team to eliminate risk of exploitation. Features such as identity, escrow and price-peg services were also essential for us to be able to create our project with our requested level of quality in User-interface and User-experience.

    Blockchain foundry
    Security and transparency | Better not rest

    Security and transparency

    Our application is being developed with a focus on Client-side, ensuring total security for our users, only information that does not compromise the integrity of the user will be kept on our servers.

    Each process is accompanied by a test routine and at the end of the application development, we will perform an audit in our code to prevent any possible breach in security; Our application will only be released to the public after we receive the approval that our code is secure and all necessary legal documents and permissions.


    Betternot.rest was designed to offer a pleasant experience and this also reflects in our ads. Your brand will be displayed in a beautifull format, being part of the experience it self.

    If you are interested in showcase your brand or product, contact us via advertise@betternot.rest